The Grand Master of Yoga

The Grand Master of Yoga

Namo Gange Trust launched "The Grandmaster of Yoga" contest for the first time in the history of yoga to honor the real champion of Yoga fraternities. The trust’s primary focus is to hold the annual Grand Master of Yoga competition as an event to acknowledge Yoga and its endowed practitioners globally. A contest allows an individual to compare oneself with others in their particular field. Such comparison enhances participants to perform their best. This medium also has set the standardized criteria to evaluate yoga professionals, yoga teachers, and qualified yoga individuals. This contest is very unique due to its inclusive structure and it also provides an opportunity to all participants from diverse background and society from entire districts and states of the country.

Trust conducts 'The Grandmaster of Yoga Contest' every year to acknowledge the Yoga's endowed practitioners globally.

Yoga is considered for some people as fitness, for some it's for relaxation and for others it may be spiritual. We all have our own reasons for doing yoga and everyone journeys have all been uniquely different. Therefore, the significance of Yoga is being recognized worldwide. International Day of Yoga, or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. In today scenario, wide-ranging yoga professionals are emerging in huge numbers. Many of them are well-trained and qualified professionals from reputed and recognized institutions and university. Though it’s been observed that there are yoga professionals/teachers who are certified either 200 hr/500hr or short duration courses have been teaching at different places such as home classes/ institutes/ organizations and at many yoga centers.

Hitherto there is no single institute or organization has developed parameters and set consistent criteria to assess and evaluate such yoga entity. Nevertheless, the Government of India has introduced Certification of Yoga Professionals from Quality Council of India (QCI) to provide credentials to Yoga professionals. The QCI Yoga certification is created to ensure that Yoga professionals are certified and are able to provide a quality experience to common practitioners. Despite the fact that, there is a need to create an expressive, communicative, visual and realistic dais for execution of their inner potentials and capabilities.

Therefore, Namo Gange Trust developed its own standardized questionnaire and performa to evaluate Yoga Trainer/Teachers/Professionals/Gurus from all over the world. It helps to validate that the yoga professionals have required Aptitude, Attitude, Characteristics, Proficiency, Knowledge, and Skills. Thus, trust created an integrated, direct communicative and pragmatic approach to classify all yoga entity at a single stage named "The Grandmaster of Yoga". The Grandmaster of Yoga is a substantial platform & magnificent show which not only identifies the talented people of yoga meadow from all over the world but also honors the genuine champ of it.

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