Namo Gange Membership

Namo Gange Trust has a unique and vital membership procedure to achieve its mission and vision by establishing Namo Gange Trust community worldwide. It provides a distinctive forum of membership for those who are willing to contribute by offering their time and initiative for human and social welfare. The membership of Namo Gange Trust encourages association, collaboration, and interaction among the people of diverse extensions.

We do also believe in clubbing the approach if Traditionalism, Spiritualism and Cultural Idealism are blended with the core fundamentals of modernism. We believe that man is the author of its own destiny who has the potential to transform the universal system by its fortitude, conviction, and dedication.

Individual Membership Categories
1-Year Membership 3-Years Membership 5-Years Membership Lifetime Membership
Was 1,500.00
1,100.00 / 1 year
Was 3,000.00
2,100.00 / 3 years
Was 6,000.00
3,100.00 / 5 years
Was 21,000.00
11,000.00 / Lifetime
OPD 12 OPD 22 OPD 30 OPD 100 OPD
  Basic Yoga Course
Basic Yoga Course 7 Days / Year 7 Days / Years 7 Days / Years 7 Days / Years
  Participation Discount in Events
Participation Discount in Events 25% 30% 30% 50%
  Jobs Registration
Jobs Registration
  Free access to all the Exhibitions
Free access to all the Exhibitions
  Entitled for subsidies treatment
Entitled for subsidies treatment
  Volunteer Registration
Volunteer Registration
  Volunteer Registration
Membership Privileges, Benefits & Services
  • Free health OPDs in Health Centre run by Namo Gange 12 times in a year worth Rs. 3600.

  • Free basic Yoga course at Health Centre run by Namo Gange (7 days course) in a year.

  • The members will be entitled to get subsidies treatment at the nearest The Yogshala health center.

  • Participation rates for Namo Gange Trust seminars, conferences & other events will be 25% reduced for a yearly membership, 30% reduced for a multi-year membership and 50% reduced for a lifetime membership.

  • Dissemination of updated information, Namo Gange's events, programs, and services through e-newsletters.

  • Providing free registration through online job portal for national & international placement.

  • Opportunity to participate in Health camps PAN India.

  • Acknowledgment of work at national and global level through broadcasting, award, and reward.

  • Participation as a volunteer in all the social activities.

  • Conducting an internship or short duration program for the people who are willing to work for the trust.

  • Members can organize health workshops and cultural events in their area (subject to approval).

  • Free access to all the exhibitions of Namo Gange Trust.

  • Opportunity to actively participate in the activities of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha as a listener.

  • All members will be provided an opportunity to associate with Social Awareness Programs, Training Programs, Health Awareness Programs, Various Workshops, and Charity Oriented Programs.

  • Namo Gange Trust's privileged members will also be a part of Strategic Planning, New Undertakings, and Board Development.

  • All members will be acknowledged for their valuable Support, Services, Projects and Social Welfare activities

  • All member's name will be added in Namo Gange Trust Membership Directory.

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